Directional Non-force Technique-DNTF

Directional Non-force Technique is a non-forceful, very gentle technique and one of the many chiropractic techniques Dr. Klionsky utilizes. It is so gentle it can be used on an infant, a geriatric patient and everyone in between. DNFT has even helped many people after a failed neck or back surgery. DNFT  Chiropractic protocols are able… Read More

Automobile Accident Severe Pain

Automobile Accident Severe Pain Do you have severe pain that will not go away after being in an automobile accident? Who should you call if I have severe pain from an automobile accident in your head, neck, back, arm, or leg that just won’t go away? Chiropractic Physician? Primary Care Physician? Neurologist? Orthopedic? Neurosurgeon? An automobile… Read More

Persistent pain?

Do you have persistent pain? Is that persistent pain in your head, neck, upper back, shoulder or arm? If you have seen 1 or more doctors and still have not found a solution for your persistent pain there is something else you can try. If you take muscle relaxers, anti-inflamatories, and/or pain killers and only… Read More

Headache, Neck Pain, Back Pain

Headache, Neck Pain, Back Pain Do you have Headache, Neck Pain, Back Pain, shoulder, arm and or leg, foot or toe pains from an automobile accident? You are sitting at a light waiting for it to turn green when another car smashes into the rear of your car. Your head and neck snap violently back… Read More

Gentle Chiropractic

Have you heard of Gentle Chiropractic? There is something called non-force, very gentle chiropractic adjustments that will help re-align the vertebrae that have been knocked out of alignment. There is no twisting or popping of the neck or back with these non-force techniques but often very effective in re-aligning the vertebrae or bulged or herniated… Read More

Auto Accident

After a auto accident, most of us consult a mechanic as quickly as possible to deal with the damage to our car. However, not all of us would consult a doctor as quickly. What you need to know is that the new laws in the state of Florida require you to see a doctor within 14… Read More

Automobile Accident Injury Treatment for Head, Neck, Shoulder,Arm, Jaw, Back and Leg

Automobile Accident Injury Treatment for Head, Neck, Shoulder,Arm, Jaw, Back and Leg. You have just been in a car accident. After impact your head, neck and back abruptly get jerked too and fro. Your neck and back begins to stiffen up.  There’s not much damage to your car and the person who hit you says lets… Read More

Chiropractic Care for Your Neck and Jaw after an auto accident

Chiropractic Care for Your Neck and Jaw after an auto accident. What to do when a car crash leaves your neck, head, or jaw (TMJ) in pain. Adrenaline. It helps you run fast and push hard in the gym. When it kicks in after an automobile accident, it can cover up pains your body is… Read More

Auto Accident Facts You Should Know

Here are the Auto Accident Facts You Should Know Every day there are over 100 million cars on the road in the US. The majority of auto accidents occur within 3 miles of the home of the driver. 40% of all fatal auto accidents involve the consumption of alcohol.  Talking or texting on your cell… Read More

Auto Accident Treatment Options

After an auto accident, if your car is out of alignment your body most likely is too ! Its important to know your Auto Accident Treatment Options. After an auto accident, the good news is that a chiropractic physician can help not only manage your pain but prevent it, too.  In the state of Florida, new… Read More

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