Dr. Louis Klionsky

Dr. Louis Klionsky

Dr. Louis Klionsky DC, DCBCN, is a graduate of Boston University and New York Chiropractic College. He is Director of Boca Spine & Acupuncture Centers with offices in Boca Raton and West Palm Beach, Florida.

Boca Raton: 561-393-0054
West Palm Beach: 561-439-5555

Dr. Louis Klionsky has 29 years of clinical experience serving south Florida since 1981. He is Board Certified in Acupuncture (NBCE),  and is a Diplomate of The International Academy of Medical Acupuncture.

Dr. Klionsky also specializes in nutrition and has a Diploma from the Chiropractic Board Of Clinical Nutrition.

He has been treating bulged,herniated discs, sciatica, degenerative joint pain, spinal stenosis that can result in severe low back pain, leg pain, headaches, neck or arm pain numbness or tingling for over 28 years.

Dr. Klionsky has a genuine caring in wanting to help everyone that presents themselves to him.  He prides himself on giving the best care possible.  All patients receive a comprehensive consultation, history, examination, and thorough review of X-Ray, MRI and test results to determine if they are a candidate for nonsurgical spinal decompression.

How Dr. Klionsky can help –

The Solution To Back Pain…


For Relief of Back Pain

Drugs,Surgery, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic,Pain Management are options that everyone is familiar with for treatment of LBP ( Low Back Pain). Some individuals who have failed other treatment and given up hope have found resolution for their pain with non-surgical “Spinal Decompression”

If you suffer from acute or chronic neck or low back pain from herniated disc, bulged disc, stenosis, sciatica or degenerative joint disease, you might be a candidate for a revolutionary non-surgical program that has been proven effective in reducing or eliminating back pain. Non surgical spinal decompression is an alternative to surgery for treating bulging, herniated disc, sciatica, degenerative joint disease, spinal stenosis resulting in low back pain, hip pain,leg pain,sciatica. It is a medical breakthrough for pain relief treatment.

Dr. Louis Klionsky treats his patients using a twofold process. First is non-surgical spinal decompression (LDU). Second is the RX1 machine for strength and stabilization of the lumbar musculature.

Decompression is 50% of the total procedure. Stabilization and improved functional capacity utilizing the RX1 is necessary to slow, stop, or reverse mechanical spinal pathology. “The spine is only as strong as the muscles that support it and the RX1 strengthens the lumbar musculature while the (LDU) non-operatively decompresses sensitive nerve fibers.

Lordex is a system that combines the LDU (nonsurgical spinal decompression) with the  RX1 Machine for strength and stabilization of the lumbar musculature.”

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