Gentle Chiropractic

gentle chiropracticHave you heard of Gentle Chiropractic?

There is something called non-force, very gentle chiropractic adjustments that will help re-align the vertebrae that have been knocked out of alignment. There is no twisting or popping of the neck or back with these non-force techniques but often very effective in re-aligning the vertebrae or bulged or herniated discs. In fact these non-force, very gentle chiropractic techniques are so gentle they can be performed on a baby, infant or geriatric patient or someone that has had a failed neck or back surgery. Dr Klionsky has been helping 1000’s of people get over neck and back pain without the use of drugs and surgery.

Why doesn’t my Medical Doctor tell me to try non-force, gentle chiropractic and or Acupuncture before injections and surgery?

You see most medical Doctors are not certified in Chiropractic or Acupuncture therefore they do not know when to tell a patient to try non-force, gentle chiropractic or acupuncture. Instead, they often recommend pain killers, performing injections or surgery. You see there is much less risk utilizing non-force, gentle chiropractic and acupuncture than injections and surgery.  Whenever you inject a needle into the body or cut the body the risk of something going wrong is greater. So why not try non-force, gentle chiropractic or acupuncture first. Dr Klionsky is expert in non-force, gentle chiropractic and Acupuncture and has been helping people since 1981.

You can reach Dr Klionsky in his Boca Raton office at 561-393-0054 or his WPB office by calling 561-439-5555

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