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About two years ago I was diagnosed with three bulging discs in my low back.
I was living with low back, right buttock and thigh pain.  I would have increased pain and weakness sometimes limping as I got up from a chair.  I saw a neurosurgeon who recommended Celebrex and physical therapy.  If that did not work, then  surgery.
After a year and a half of Celebrex  and therapy I was not satisfied with the results and I was also concerned with the side effects of that medicine, Celebrex.
Dr. Klionsky informed me of the Lordex spinal decompression treatment program.
After explaining the program to me, it made sense.

After twenty five treatments of this program, I am off the Celebrex, out of physical therapy and pain free. Thank you Dr. Klionsky and Lordex.

– Fr. John R. McMahon

Dear Dr. Klionsky,

I am writing this letter to express my gratitude to you for alleviating my excruciating leg pain stemming from a pinched nerve in my spine which I had been enduring with the use of cortisone shots, cortisone oral medication, prescribed narcotics and a cane o enable me to take a few limited steps.  Three orthopedic specialists and one neurologist finally reached the conclusion that the only possible relief from my pain would be a second spinal surgery on   my spine and would not be an easy experience and would probably not leave me completely pain free- just give me relief.

After treating with Dr. Klionsky I no longer had need for the narcotics, pain pills or the cane. I became completely pain free To quote my neurologist this past week, “With your spinal condition and your previous spinal surgery, I didn’t think you would be completely pain free again!”

Further, I am so very impressed with the emphasis and time you have devoted to strengthening my spine with prescribed exercises.

Most Sincerely and Gratefully,

– Aaron D.

I would like to express my appreciation to you for the help and relief you provided me.
I was suffering from back and neck discomfort due to a whiplash injury.  I would like to wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone with spine or neck problems similar to mine.
In my work I do a lot of driving; before entering into regular care with you, I experienced back pain and a stiff neck whenever I drove for more than half an hour.  I can now drive for very long distances without feeling any discomfort or stiffness.

Again, I would like to thank you again for the relief and cure that you have provided to me.

Yours sincerely,

– Simon S.

I had been living with severe upper back pain. for three years. I had tried a tens machine, cortisone injections, muscle relaxors and pain killers but none of them helped.  My life was miserable. Two visits with you Dr. Klionsky made me believe that acupuncture was a miracle. It helped when all else failed.


– Dorothy K

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you.  I had been suffering from chronic headaches and backaches for several months prior to meeting you. Although I made countless visits to my family practitioners; an ear, nose and throat specialist; and even a neurologist, the source of the problems was never found.

It was serendipitous that I found my way into your office and discovered nonforce chiropractic care. After about 8 visits, I am now experiencing no headaches or backaches.

I can’t thank you enough.

Very Truly Yours,

– Jamie L.

Since December 2006, I have suffered with the excruciating pain caused by herniated discs in my neck including radiating pain and numbness down my arm and fingers.  At the onset, I was under the care of my primary physician who prescribed a muscle relaxer, pain killer and a non-steroid anti-inflammatory none of which provided any relief. I was then referred to a pain management center where I received cortisone injections for muscle spasms in my upper back shoulder area and when that provided no relief, I was given facet injections.
The facet injections also provided no relief.   During this period of time, I was also receiving physical therapy and massage therapy.  None of these therapies helped.
Finally in May 2007, I began a series of three epidural injections.  After the third injection, I finally felt normal again. However much to my dismay, the pain returned with a vengeance in October 2007 (not quite six months after the epidural injections.)   The pain was so severe, I was unable to turn my head left or right. It was then I visited Dr. Louis Klionsky and began treatments on the Diamond HNS Machine.  At best, I expected some relief. When I woke up the very next morning after my first treatment, I had no pain whatsoever and was able to turn my head left and right with no pain.   The results were incredible. I am following the advice of Dr. Klionsky and am now four weeks into treatments and feel as though my life has returned to normal. I would strongly recommend this therapy to anybody who suffers with herniated disks

– Lois P.

Dear Dr. Klionsky

I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU for introducing me to the lordex Non-Surgical Spinal decompression Therapy.  Simply stated,  IT HAS GIVEN ME MY LIFE BACK !!!

As you know, I came to you around mid 2008 after having been to four other doctors ranging from orthopedic surgeons to pain management specialist, all attempting to help relieve the excruciating sciatic nerve problem resulting from the L4, L5, and L5,S1 herniated discs.  At that time I had been through the mill with epidurals and various pain medications that caused severe constipation and only dulled the pain at best.
Entering into the third month of this crisis, I was told that surgery was my only remaining option.  However, with the insistence of my mother I was persuaded to try acupuncture which is how I wound up in your office.  You told me about the Lordex Non-Surgical Spinal DecompressionTherapy, in addition to being upfront about my condition and what it was going to take, on my part, to help this problem get better, which was to change posturing and a daily dose of the Stretch Flex Exercise Program.  I must admit, at the time all I wanted to do was try the acupuncture to satisfy my mother’s request and move on to surgery.  Being the pessimist that I am, I thought this was an opportunity for another doctor to extract more money out of my pocket.  However my wife persuaded me otherwise and little did I know with just a few treatments I was pain free.  The Lordex Decompression Therapy would turn out to be one
of the smartest investments at helping me regain my quality of life.  The comfortable atmosphere and personal attention through phone calls I received from you and your staff was the icing on the Lordex Decompression Therapy cake.  Every person I run into with lower back related problems, I strongly recommend your practice and The Lordex Decompression Therapy as a first and last option to surgery.

From me and my family, we say THANKS again Dr. Klionsky for all your help.


– Dwayne R.

Dear Dr. Klionsky

For more than a month I have wanted to write a note to you to tell you how much the LORDEX NON-SURGICAL SPINAL DECOMPRESSION THERAPY has helped me, but my life is so busy and full again, I found it challenging to find the time.  Which to me is great news.

In May of 2003, while living in New Jersey I herniated three discs in my lower back.  I lived with the pain, muscle spasms, burning sensations and numbness in my left leg for 3 months before one night calling an ambulance at 2:30 in the morning, because couldn”t cope any longer.  That started the process of my seeing an ER Physician and an orthopedist at the hospital, my internist, having X-Rays and MRI’s, being referred to an Orthopedic Surgeon at the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Jersey and a diagnosis of surgery, not to mention taking a large amount of medications.

When I was told I would be out of work for up to a year and read the forms telling me what my odds of cure were, I then sought treatment from an Acupuncturist and Chiropractor in lieu of surgery.  Since I owned my own business, being out of work for any length of time was out of the question, so I persevered for 5 years.

In 2005 I moved to Florida and continued to improve ever so slightly, until June 12,2008 when I re-herniated the same three discs.  This time the pain was beyond anything I had experienced in the past, with muscle spasms that were so strong, I thought bones ould break.  For some reason, I could sit fine, but could not lay down, which made sleeping impossible.  After a week of sleeping in a chair at with my face of the dining room table, I saw your ad and several others in the Sun Sentinel.  I was frightened because I couldn’t make my legs work, the pain was unbearable, I wasn’t able to work and at 52 my life was relegated to sitting in a chair.

I researched the LORDEX NON-SURGICAL SPINAL DECOMPRESSION THERAPY that you provide along with every other system out there.  I selected the LORDEX NON-SURGICAL SPINAL DECOMPRESSION THERAPY after hours of research because of the combination of the SPINAL DECOMPRESSION and the RX1 machine which aids in rebuilding and strengthening the back muscles.
When i made my appointment with you and discovered that you did gentle Chiropractic adjustments and Acupuncture, I knew that I had found the right path.

After meeting you and having a gentle Chiropractic adjustment and an Acupuncture treatment, you arranged for a standup MRI because I was still unable to lie down and than you discussed the LORDEX NON-SURGICAL SPINAL DECOMPRESSION THERAPY with me, as an option to surgery after reviewing the radiologists MRI report.

I thought long and hard and decided to proceed with the LORDEX NON-SURGICAL SPINAL DECOMPRESSION THERAPY  and began treatment on tuesday July 8, 2008.  You recommended a course of 35 treatments based on the result of my MRI and your consultation with the radiologist and my examination with you.

The first treatment was difficult for me because I was afraid to lie down on the table believing that the muscle spasms would return when I tried to sit up.  But to my pleasant surprise, they didn’t and the first treatment brought me great relief.  At the end of 10 treatments, my lower back was much stronger and I was cutting way back on all medications, as the muscle spasms were almost gone and I was back to sleeping in bed.  It was then that I noticed that every 2 treatments, I was making larger improvements.  At around 15 treatments, I noticed that I was standing up straighter,the muscles in my lower back and buttocks were more flexible and the burning sensations and numbness in my leg were greatly diminished.  All of a sudden I could walk anywhere I wanted and my stamina had greatly improved.  It was then that I noticed huge improvements after every treatment and I gained the confidence to further cut the medications and resume traveling, which is one of my two passions (scuba diving being the other).

At the end of August 08 (around the time of my 20th treatment,I came across an opportunity to buy a new business and proceeded quickly because I was feeling so much better.  Now I have completed approximately 25 treatments and I can’t begin to tell you how greatly improved my ife is.  I’m back to work, I’m going out, I take virtually no medications for my back and I have booked a November 2008 scuba diving trip.

I still have about 10 treatments to go and I know that by the end of them, I will be stronger than at any time over the past 5 years  and will be able to manage my back problems for the rest of my life because of the healing that has taken place as a result of the LORDEX NON-SURGICAL SPINAL DECOMPRESSION THERAPY.  I also must mention how much the stretch Flex Exercise program has helped me to lenghten my quadricep muscles and brought normal range of motion to my lower back, hip,buttocks and legs.  I am me again !

As important as all of this is, I want to say that your Chiropractic care and Acupuncture treatments have gotten me through the most difficult experience of my life and Carol in your West Palm Beach office and Beth in your Boca Raton office, have been wonderful to me as well.
Your TEAM is the best and I would highly recommend your treatment plan to others because it works.

I could go on and on, but I have to get ready for a full day of work in my new business and then go out for the evening, so I will end my letter to you here with the simple words:
Thank you Dr. Klionsky, you have made an enormous difference in my life and I will always remain grateful.


– Regina L.

This past year I was diagnosed as having shingles on my chest and neck. I went to the dermatologist and was given a prescription for zorbac. I was told that with the medication it would take two weeks for the shingles to heal. In addition, it was explained to me that the severe pain would linger and that the shingles could return anytime within a six week period.

I called you with the diagnosis and you indicated that what I had was a herpes type of disorder and that neck adjustment often helps this illness.   When I came to your office, you said you had never seen my neck so out of line. After the first neck treatment, I felt good.   However, a half hour later my neck tightened again.

I returned to you for another adjustment and felt much better. The pain on the side of my head subsided.   .

When I went to the gym on Monday I was able to do 80% of my workout. By Wednesday, I was able to do a full workout. The only remaining signs of the shingles were the scales from the sores that covered my chest.

The dermatologist was amazed at my speedy recovery. I have had no recurring incidents of the shingles and I am feeling fine.

I am grateful to you for making what could have been a painful, lingering ailment a short lived affliction.


– Msgr. John k. McMahon Pastor

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